Tue, 2014-05-20

New Things


Hey folks! A huge THANK YOU to all of you that still visit this site somewhat regularly! I really do appreciate your loyalty and continued interest - especially since from the standpoint of "how do you keep your audience interested and your traffic moving" I am a very shitty host, haha.. Excuse my language but being a little more blunt is gonna be one of my new things. First of all, I have arrived in my thirties and secondly that whole clean pop image thing is over, isn't it? We're all real people ;)!
But back to new things. In case you wondered: No, you haven't missed my next big break because there hasn't been one. But I swear I haven't stopped working on it, nor am I planning on doing so. So don't you give up on me just yet!
The Youtube and Website updates were long overdue but finally I cleaned up a little. I hope you like the news pics and song snippets!
I had to delete the guestbook because a really tough spam bug kept messing with it. Message me under "contact" and write me on Facebook, ok?
I've written and sung on releases of many genres in the last two years. Search for "Jay Cless", "Rockster feat. Paul Cless" or check out the German R&B act "A2Z". "No Love Anymore", one of my collaborations with Da Hool (funny, I listened to his music when I was a kid) just passed 1 million Youtube views. Mateo of Culcha Candela (HUGE in Germany) is dropping his debut solo album and I'm featured on the opening track. What an honor to be on the same album as German superstar Xavier Naidoo!
I'll soon hit you with another dance track which I am particularly excited about. It'll be very different from anything I have EVER done and yet I feel it's very "me". So stay tuned.
But no, dance is not my new sound. I have been working on a bunch of new music but I'm very secretive about it until I have everything together. I haven't even added audio snippets of most of the new tracks on this website but trust me - a lot is coming this year.
Enjoy your summer and.. ha ha, I was almost gonna say "keep it suavemente", I am cracking up right now!
Much love to you all. Paul

Mon, 2012-11-05

Welcome back.. to myself!


Hello? Is anybody still here? Ha ha.. Thank you guys - I feel very lucky that in spite of my poor maintenance my website and guestbook are still being visited. Simple truth is: I’ve been technically challenged as well as short on big news and staff to help me with my pr! Still, quite a lot has happened: After I discovered my dance music loving alter ego Jay Cless, who successfully collaborated with techno legend Da Hool, I participated in the fresh german R&B project A2Z, which is just taking off. Most recently I gathered a little team of friends and fellow artists and shot a wonderful video to my tune “Masterpiece“. Check it out and tell me how you like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7qfXDFYnsA On that occasion I also cleaned up my FB page and I’m getting great response on all these activities! More gigs, projects and productions are in the making... Stay tuned. Thank you so much for your continued support. Love, Paul

Wed, 2010-08-18

New EP available online or on cd in limited edition!


The latest EP “Wake-Up Call“ is finally available online, for example on iTunes or musicload! Use the “Message to Paul“ function under Contact and write me if you want to get your signed copy of the limited edition cd. You will shortly receive an answer with the necessary details. I’m looking forward to wake YOU up.. P

Fri, 2009-12-04

Back from Bucharest


Buna! I just came back from Bucharest, performing an unplugged concert with Claudia „Cream“ Pavel (a great artist and superstar in all of eastern Europe) and Oceana (it was great to see her again and how her career’s kicking off)! Now I’m preparing for some more shows in Germany before Christmas.. So, there’s a lot to do! 7,8, step on the 1, LOL! Take care you guys, later. P

Sat, 2009-11-14

Message from Paul


What’s up y’all! I’m excited to have my website relaunched and that you’re visiting! After coming quite a way since „Suavemente“ it was time to fill you in on the new sound and style. I’ll make sure to post regular updates so you’ll be the first to know about gigs, new releases and what else I’m up to. So keep checking! As for recently, I’ve been back in the studio in Hamburg with my friend and producer Benni Dernhoff. The EP we’ve been working on is almost finished and will hopefully reach you asap! I can already tell you that it’s some of my most personal material this far and I really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Check out the “Wake-Up Call“ preview snippet under Audio.. Thanks for staying tuned, much love. P-eace