Roughly one decade after deciding to “go pro“, Paul has become a seasoned all-round artist and a true style chameleon.

But let’s back up just a little:

Paul grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany, and carries on a family tradition of musicians, writers and performers, that has been spanning over three generations. In addition to vocal training, he studied various martial arts and dance styles as a teenager. He also sharpened his songwriting skills and became a self taught multi instrumentalist.

“I am a pop kid of the 80ies and 90ies, so the influences were abundant. When it comes to vocals and song writing, I turn to Stevie Wonder. But it was Michael Jackson who started it all for me. When musicicanship meets performance skill and that certain sense of style – that’s when the magic happens - at least for me! Michael, and of course, Prince, but looking even further back to the likes of Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. Another idol of mine is Jackie Chan. Why? Because he doesn’t seem to know any limitations..“

In 2005, Paul teamed up with mc Brixx and released his first single “Suavemente“. The worldwide club and chart hit sold over 300,000 copies in France alone, and more over enabled Paul to perform, as a supporting artist, for Destiny’s Child, Shakira, Akon and the Sugababes.

Since then, supported and managed by his mentor - internationally acclaimed coach, choreographer and creative director, Marvin A.Smith – Paul has laid down his work all over the globe and collaborated with countless top notch producers, writers and artists.

Paul’s 2010 independent EP “Wake Up Call“ was considered “incomparable“ by online music provider, Dooload, and SWR Radio remarked that he’s got “international superstar potential“.

For the last few years, Paul has been focusing on live shows and has played at some of the country’s hottest venues. Various artists and projects have featured Paul’s voice and lyrics, for example; German techno legend Da Hool, US-Billboard conquering EDM newcomer Rockster, as well as German Rapper Mateo of multi platinum awarded Culcha Candela.

Most recently though, Paul has been back in the studio for his new solo sound. So stay tuned and be ready when it hits..! „Paul's voice is powerful and sensual. It embodies the perfect male dichotomy. He is a pure singer. Thank you for the music, Paul!“ (Onita Boone, vocal coach and winner of the TV-Show „The Winner Is“, sang with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle and many more.)

„Why I enjoy editing Paul’s vocals? I like luxury problems.“ (Benni Dernhoff, Producer and Songwriter)

„Paul Cless is one of the few artists I worked with that has it all. He’s a great singer, writer, musician, dancer and performer. He has grown tremendously over the years. People get ready!“ (Taan Newjam, Grammy nominated writer/ producer)

„I felt like I was getting a lesson in soul singing.“ (Lindiwe Suttle, recording artist with Universal, South Africa)

„Rarely do you find a package like Paul’s. He has honed the skills of a true artist and underlines them with a passion that he infuses into all of his creations. He’s is a real star, kind of like a 21.century version of Gene Kelly. Paul is one of a kind!“ (Falk Hentschel, Hollywood actor and filmmaker, star of „Streetdance 2“)